The Arousing Brain!

GBenard TSBG Nature

No other Book made me feel my Mind as Frail as my Skin! A Transcendental Erotic Experience of a Cathartic Brain.

“When you start THE SACRED BOOK OF G you start a new mind’s journey through all your senses.”

Never occurred to me that someone else’s brain could be so arousing to read!

“Because writing is this. Pollen being spread to different soils to grow under different suns”

THE SACRED BOOK OF G is a very unique and thought provoking journal into the labyrinthian mind of Autism.

“An intimate journey that connects to the reader rather than leaving one as spectator. You’re travelling with the writer in his most sacred territories.”

This fantastic journal through an autistic mind is a must read, a break to make us wonder, reflect and question our own selves.

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Gonzalo Bénard is the author of The Sacred Book of G that you can purchase directly from the publisher (faster, cheaper and better), AmazonBarnes & Noble or WaterStones.
Follow @GBenard on twitter.

Gonzalo Bénard is also a lecturer, a tutor of autistic teenagers, a visual artist and a lecturer. His photography has been part of the annual academic programs of several universities around the world, and are in several private and public art collections such as Museum of Serralves or Sir Elton John’s. His works are in Hollywood productions and TV series.
You can see his work of photography at his webpage.



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